Can it peel? Vol1


Can it peel? Vol1

Today we will kick off our blog with a peeling speed test. As our peeler that is not yet available for you to see (be patient, we will show it soon) peels a fruit or vegetable very fast we thought why not test some regular peelers and peeling knives for speed. So said and done and here they are.







We tested a regular old knife, a peeler with a moving blade, a peeler by the brand Victorinox and a special orange peeler by Fiskars. We tried to peel different fruits and vegetables because you have to peel different things in preparing a meal. So we peeled oranges, pears, kiwis, apples and of course potatoes.

Firstly potato. The regular old knife in my hands was slow and there was a lot of waste. We can say that all depends on the skill of the person peeling. I am not skillful as you can watch from our video a bit later . The peeler with a moving blade was quick, but Idon’t know if it was the peelers design or what, but it was so uncomfortable to use that at one point i wanted to throw it away.
The best was the regular peeler, it was quite fast (not as fast as our electric will be, but it got the job done better than the ones on the test) and did not waste a lot. The worst was the orange peeler, as the name says, you cannot use it for anything else. You will see on the video how bad it actually was.

Now the apple. The regular old knife did waste a lot, the peeler with a moving blade was just uncomfortable. The regular peeler was also not the best, but as we did not have anything better it will have to do. The orange peeler we did not use for apple because on the potato it already failed. One note, we did not make a picture of it, but one thing we achieved with the moving blade peeler was to cut myself while trying to wash it.
For the orange actually what came as a surprise was that the orange peeler was not the best. It can be that I actually did not know how to use it. There was no guide also on how to use it best, on that note, maybe I should contact Fiskars and suggest that they should put a “how to use our products” column on the products. Also anybody from Fiskars reading this blog, you are welcome .
To come back to our test the best in peeling oranges would be…..wait for it….a regular peeler was the best find. I used the blade to peel away the orange peel and then using the tip of the peeler I took away the rest. So this was the best find of the day. The peeler with moving blade was again poor, also the regular old knife was a letdown.

The kiwi. As with the orange the regular old knife wasted a lot of the fruit. For the kiwi actually both peelers were awful. The knife was ok but not good. As the kiwi is a very juicy fruit there is no good way of peeling it (until our electric peeler of course) with a knife of peeler, so we suggest you use a spoon or this method seen on Youtube

Lastly the pear. The knife wasted a lot, but was ok. The peelers did a good job on the pear and for the first time the moving blade peeler was ok.

To sum up this peeler quickness test you can watch actually how fast each of the peeler was in peeling on our video. To be fair I have to tell you all that I may not be the quickest one peeling things so if you try this at home you may be a lot quicker.

You can find te video in Youtube:

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Hi from our blog!


This is our first post and there will be many more to come. Firstly I would like to share why we decided to make a blog in the first place. We decided to make a blog to write about stuff that is in common with the things we do @KÖÖK. So we will share with you some funny videos how to peel fruits and vegetables without useing a peeler or a knife. We hope they will be funnt, but we will let you decide.


The videos we will of course upload to our youtube channel as well. Also because we love design and relish unique things and products we also want to share with you some different pictures of cool peelers, knifes and other cooking related products we find on the web or somewhere else.

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